☯ 2017/07/05 ☯

New album is done. Should be ready to download in a few weeks.

☯ 2014/03/27 ☯

Today we release our latest EP titled Binary 0, which is available for listening and downloading right here! The first track is a slow, hypnotic beat to sit back and chill out to. The second track is crazy.

Special thanks to Nathan for making Binary 0's cover art. The cover expresses the chaotic dynamic between ninjas and DJ's. Besides being a professional-grade comic artist, Nathan also leads the horror-rock band, Covered In Spiders. His music is highly recommended!

In other news, Blood Ninjas has expanded its great empire into the great city of Portland, OR. Will the two ninjas, no longer living in the same city, be able to continue making music?

☯ 2014/03/17 ☯

We've decided to put together an EP with a couple of really nice sounding tracks that have been waiting around for an audience. Expect to be able to download it in a couple weeks or so.

☯ 2013/01/08 ☯

Feels like a good time to send some vibes to all you bloodninjas.com frequenters. We've got two totally finished tracks ready for the new album and maybe thirty something tracks (and counting) that may or may not make it on the album. Everything's slowly coming together, but we're trying to keep the creativity going until we're totally happy with what we've got. Words can't express how psyched we are about the direction the music is taking us.

And that's about all. Happy listening!

☯ 2012/09/11 ☯

Our first/second album Wail Songs is now available for download. It should be on iTunes in the next day or so. We recorded it in a creepy house in the middle of nowhere over several late night jam sessions. The creepy vibe from that house seems to have been an essential ingrediant for the album. Strange, huh?

We've got most of the tracks laid out for our third album, so it's just a matter of sorting through the good ones, mixing them to perfection, mastering them, etc., etc. We're going to call it 'Bisectual'. Not sure what that actually means yet, but whatever. It's art, man.

Over the weekend we went to see Amon Tobin play at the Congress Theater in Chicago. It was an amazing show. Highly recommended to anyone who might have a chance to catch his current tour. He's got an incredible display consisting of projectors and a gigantic cube structure. Words don't do it justice. Here's a YouTube video.

☯ 2012/08/29 ☯

So much cool stuff is going on right now. Ninjas be crazy.

The new web site is up and running. Hurray! Please click on all the links in the handy navigation bar. Each link offers a unique and wonderful way to experience the magic that is Blood Ninjas :)

If you haven't grabbed our new album Save The Chaos, find it by clicking the Download link.

We're also working on getting our first album up for download. It's called Wail Songs. We recorded it in 2009, but we haven't officially released it yet. It should be ready for interested ears very soon.

In other news, we did some live DJ'ing over the weekend in Chicago. Awesome awesome party. Shout out to Sebastian for having us play.

☯ 2012/08/20 ☯

Real web site is on the way.

New album Save The Chaos is officially released today. Buy it on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Or download it here if you're broke.